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Do you sometimes find it annoying that you don't immediately select the right part during modelling?

There is a way to more easily select the desired part in SolidWorks, namely the "Dynamic Highlight" function. 

The following procedure explains how to activate this function.

Dynamic Highlight

Go to System Options >> Display >> Check “Dynamic highlight from graphics view"

The result is that Edges or Faces light up when the mouse is passed. This makes it easier to select the right part.


Reload // The OOPS-button

Ever experienced opening a model in SolidWorks and making a mistake?

With the result that most people close the file, without saving it, and then open it again.
To automate this and save time, you can use the Reload command to make the process much faster. 

Need this "OOPS button"?
Read on here where you can find the Reload command.

Large Design Review

Did you know you can open an assembly without the parts...

If you want to open an assembly, you have to have all the parts, right?

Read on to discover how you can open an assembly without the parts via "Large Design Review"!

Break Lines

Does it happen regularly to you that dimensions overlap in a drawing?

Sometimes you can't avoid overlapping dimensions - knowing that this is not drawing  technically correct. This creates uncertainty when reading the size or it even looks chaotic. 

SolidWorks does have a handy function for this, namely "Break Lines", which enables you to avoid overlapping dimensions when dimensioning a drawing.

Read here how to use these "Break Lines".

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