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Did you know you can open an assembly without the parts...

If you want to open an assembly, you have to have all the parts, right?

Read on to discover how you can open an assembly without the parts via "Large Design Review"!

A common situation, which we have all experienced before, is when someone accidentally sends you an assembly with a few, or even all the parts that are missing.

When you open that assembly, you will get the message asking you to search for the missing parts. With the result that an empty screen remains.

But with the help of "Large Design Review" you can open the assembly, view it and make measurements yourself, without having the parts at your disposal.

This is not the intended use of the Large Design Review, but it is a great tip that can help you avoid costly downtime. 

In the following it is explained how to open an assembly in "Large Design Review".

Large Design Review

Use the "Open" window of SolidWorks to navigate to the location of the assembly you want to open. 

Select the assembly and then click on the option "Large Design Review".

The assembly is now opened and you can view the design, even though some parts are missing.


Collision Detection

By default, SolidWorks does not take into account whether or not components are mixed up, which can lead to surprises later on.

Do you want to avoid that your product turns out not to work after production because of parts colliding?

Read below why Collision Detection is the tool for you!

Excel AutoFill

Everyone is familiar with the Excel function "AutoFill". However, not everyone knows that you can also apply it in SolidWorks.

You can use this handy feature while configuring certain Components, Features or Dimensions.

In the following we will show you how you can auto fill the "Suppress checkbox" to all configurations in the model.

Structural Member

Does your company use a unique profile that comes back several times during modeling in SolidWorks? 

Then it can be useful to create a "Structural Member"!

Read on and discover step by step how you can create your own profile in SolidWorks.

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