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Do you often use specific views that are not standard in SolidWorks

Would you find it useful to be able to save these specific views for later reuse in drawings or other models?

This is perfectly possible, because you can create a specific view in a Part or Assembly environment, which you can then use to place into your Drawing or reuse it in another model.

Create, save & reuse Specific Views

While designing, place the model in the desired position

Then click on the space bar

Your model will be placed in a spatial cube and a window "Orientation" will appear.
In the window "Orientation" you can choose the action "New View" at the top.

Selecting "New View" will save the current view

It is important to give the view a clear and appropriate name, so that you know afterwards which view it is.

When you click on "OK", your new specific view is created and it will appear in the "Orientation" window.

You can now start using the specific view in Drawings.

When adding or selecting a view in the drawing, you can choose in the left window at the option "Orientation" >> "More views"  for your specific view.

But you can also save this specific view so that you can reuse it in other files.

In your model, click again on the space bar and choose "Save View to SOLIDWORKS" in the "Orientation" window. 

Your specific view is now between "Saved Views".

If you want to apply this specific view in another model, you can choose in the "Orientation" window at the option "Saved Views" for your specific view.


Collision Detection

By default, SolidWorks does not take into account whether or not components are mixed up, which can lead to surprises later on.

Do you want to avoid that your product turns out not to work after production because of parts colliding?

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Excel AutoFill

Everyone is familiar with the Excel function "AutoFill". However, not everyone knows that you can also apply it in SolidWorks.

You can use this handy feature while configuring certain Components, Features or Dimensions.

In the following we will show you how you can auto fill the "Suppress checkbox" to all configurations in the model.

Structural Member

Does your company use a unique profile that comes back several times during modeling in SolidWorks? 

Then it can be useful to create a "Structural Member"!

Read on and discover step by step how you can create your own profile in SolidWorks.

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