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Project // Poolhouse

Telluria - Elleganto lounge

Telluria is a Belgian company with a new and safe concept for summerhouses, garages and facade cladding. They use only steel, which guarantees a quick build-up. In order to assist their customers with the construction, Telluria asked 3D Cadworks for help, namely to compose a manual. 3D Cadworks also provided a film that goes through all the steps of the building process.

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3D Cadworks has realized the complete development and delivery of this clean-container. Equipped with an underlying closure, it can retrieve and store unclean filters and transport them to the cleaning area. Sector: petrochemical industry.

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Project // Bolt Rack

Bolt Rack - Force Mechanics

Force Mechanics is a company specialized in mechanical maintenance services for complex industrial installations in Western Europe and internationally. In doing so, they are continuously working on optimizing their working methods.

3D Cadworks designed and constructed a series of specific bolt racks. These are intended to store specific bolt sizes of a larger caliber in a clean and safe way. The bolt racks are designed for lifting and can be stored in standard containers. 

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Project // Gas Bottle Rack

Gas Bottle Rack

The gas bottle rack designed by 3D Cadworks has the following features and is also available for purchase:

  • The gas bottle rack is specifically designed for lifting and transporting hazardous gases in transportable cylindrical containers with a minimum Ø220 mm and a maximum Ø320 mm. 
  • The gas bottle rack is designed to hold up to 6 gas bottles.
  • The positioning of the bottles is indicated by means of: 6 recesses with corresponding straps.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Project // LED-Wall

LED-Wall Bayer - Q-Lite

Q-lite is a versatile, innovative and groundbreaking company, specialized in the development, production and sale of electronic information systems such as text displays, scoreboards and graphic displays.

3D Cadworks supported Q-lite with the drawing work of an 80x2 meter high facade construction. The construction intended for the assembly of 160 LED screens is located on the Bayer building in Diegem.

3D Cadworks took care of the workshop drawings, machine control files, cutting lists, unfolding drawings, construction drawings and strength calculations.

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Project // RAM trailer

RAM trailer - Hydraulic Ram Trailer

Hydraulic Ram Trailer is a company that builds ram trailers with a patented push out system. In this way, the trailers can unload their cargo in a stable, fast and compact manner, without tipping or spreading over a long distance.

3D Cadworks modelled an existing trailer on the basis of a secure measurement. 3D Cadworks took care of the conversion of the machine into workshop drawings and files for the machine control. In addition, the risk analysis, a technical file and a user manual were provided. The advantages are less assembly time and a ready-to-use application file so that the vehicle can be put on the market authorized, both at home and abroad.

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Project // Toyota City

Toyota City - SEC Construction

Sec-Construction is specialized in building Racing Service Semi-Trailers, Motorhomes, Horse Trucks, Campers and Special Vehicles.

At the start of the 'World Rally Championship' Toyota asked for a new rally village at SEC-Construction Road. Due to the size of the project, we started at 3D Cadworks with the modeling of the rally village.

For the development of the service pavilion, the VIP, engineering and car trailer. 3D Cadworks took care of the working house drawings, machine control files, cutting lists, unfolding drawings and construction drawings

In addition, structures were subjected to strength calculations and the entire 'Toyota City' was shown in an animation.

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Project // Drilling Train

Drilling Train - Stabirail

Stabirail is a contracting company that builds railway tracks in concrete beds using an innovative and efficient method. In a ballast-free manner, Stabirail can lay tracks all over the world, such as in tunnels or metro stations.

In order to participate in a new project in the port of Tangier, Morocco, Stabirail engaged 3D Cadworks for the design of the new drilling train.

3D Cadworks modelled this drilling train and took care of the corresponding machine working drawings, machine control files, cutting lists, unfolding drawings and construction drawings. In addition, the risk analysis, a technical file and a user manual were provided. 

All this results in a ready-to-use machine that is CE-compliant both at home and abroad.

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Project // Rolset

Rolset – Stubbe

Oktober 2016

Op vraag van Stubbe heeft 3D Cadworks al hun rollensets in kaart gebracht. Het probleem was dat de verschillende onderdelen van de rollensets voor zware roldeuren heel hard op elkaar lijken en dat er over de jaren heen een wanorde gecreëerd was tussen de verschillende onderdelen.

3D Cadworks creëerde duidelijkheid in het assortiment en wees elk onderdeel zijn eigen properties (tags genoemd) toe. Dit betekent dat elk part een eigen leverancierscode, bestelcode en omschrijving kreeg.

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