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REALISATIE // Grating Gripper

Grating Gripper


Engineering and Reverse engineering

The grating gripper is designed by 3D Cadworks (patent pending) and can be purchased to be implemented in your company.

The grating gripper is designed to lift in a set of 4 grippers, with 2 persons, a plastic / metal grating with meshes of 30 mm or 40 mm.

For more information about the operation and technical data of the grating gripper, you can download the technical sheet below.

If you are interested in the grating gripper, please contact us for more information.


Case studies

Vacuum Nozzle

For a customer that operates in the nuclear sector, we designed a vacuum nozzle for underwater use. The vacuum cleaner is used to absorb stainless steel chips, which are created during the processing under water. In this way the chips do not end up at the bottom of the water bath. 

We started off with developing a model. Then we performed several flow simulations on the design. To eventually finalize the design for prototyping by means of 3D printing.

Hoisting // Transport // Storage Tool Reactor Dumpnozzle-caps

New reactors at ExxonMobil can count on Innovative Hoisting Tool from 3D Cadworks.

Innovative lifting tool, developed and produced by 3D Cadworks for our customer HCI, for the (de)assembly of dumpnozzle caps of Gofiner reactors. This special hoisting tool consists of a dumpnozzle-cap gripper, which is controlled via the VHT-tool (forklift truck).

In addition, 2 storage racks were supplied with a corresponding lifting beam. Via the lifting beam, the dumpnozzle-caps, which have been removed from the reactor, are moved to the storage rack.

3D Cadworks took care of the complete development and delivery of this special lifting tool for the (dis)assembly of dumpnozzle caps with additional transport and storage tools.

The hoisting tool was delivered with accompanying user manual and certification.

Do you need engineering of special tools? Feel free to contact us.

Telluria - Elleganto lounge

Telluria is a Belgian company with a new and safe concept for summerhouses, garages and facade cladding. They use only steel, which guarantees a quick build-up. In order to assist their customers with the construction, Telluria asked 3D Cadworks for help, namely to compose a manual. 3D Cadworks also provided a film that goes through all the steps of the building process.

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