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Developing a tool to place a gearbox of more than 400 kg on a milling machine and to turn it 90° with 1 finger? That was the challenging assignment that 3D Cadworks accepted with great enthusiasm for our customer in the agricultural sector.


For a manufacturer of agricultural vehicles, we developed an update of various lifting devices that they already have in use. The current tools are rather produced by hand; there is no strength calculation involved. In order not to lose the knowledge about these tools, this company approached 3D Cadworks with the request to create a new version of several existing hoisting tools and eventually also to produce them.

The first tool we developed is to be able to place a gearbox of more than 400 kg on a milling machine and also be able to turn it 90° with one finger. A challenging assignment that we at 3D Cadworks have accepted with great enthusiasm.

We start by performing a 3D scan of the existing tool. This scan will serve as a basis and reference during the development process. In addition, we also received a 3D model of the item that needs to be lifted.


After analysing the existing tool, a new tool is then designed. The rough shape and dimensions remain largely the same, but the weak points of the existing design are improved. We also optimise the design for production and all the necessary safety standards are taken into account. A strength calculation ensures that the new tool will be strong enough to withstand all the forces it will be subjected to.

Finishing and Production

After we get a positive result from the strength calculation and the design is approved by the customer, the tool is ready for production. We send all the created working drawings and machine files to our suppliers and order the necessary purchase parts. While the purchased parts are in transit and the manufactured parts are in production, we finalise all the necessary documentation for the CE file. In order to complete this, in addition to the working drawings already produced, we also need a type plate, operating instructions with a spare parts list and an EC declaration of conformity. We also create a QR code that we stick on the tool that refers to digital maintenance and user instructions.

As soon as all parts are finished, the tool is assembled. Since reality is often slightly different from an ideal 3D environment, the tool is tested extensively in our workshop and possibly on site at the customer. Any minor adjustments can still be made at this this stage. When both we and the customer are satisfied, the tool is disassembled again and all parts are sent to the paint shop.

Once these are back, we reassemble the tool and the final finishing touches are applied. This includes gathering all documentation and attaching the ID tag and the necessary safety stickers to the tool. Once finished, we pack up the finished tool and transport it to the customers.

Case studies


Wat als je containers geautomatiseerd wil laten vullen tot aan een bepaald gewicht? Voor een van onze klanten uit de petrochemie in de sector Antwerpen hebben we daarom de vulhopper installatie ontwikkeld. Deze toren dient als een trechter om containers (bins) te vullen met gebruikte, verontreinigde catallist uit een reactor.

Vacuum Nozzle

Samen met een klant uit de nucleaire sector hebben we een stofzuiger aansluitstuk ontwikkeld voor gebruik onder water. Deze stofzuiger wordt gebruikt om RVS spanen op te zuigen die ontstaan tijdens het verwerkingsproces onder water, waardoor de spanen niet meer onderaan in het waterbad belanden.

Hoisting // Transport // Storage Tool Reactor Dumpnozzle-caps

Nieuwe reactoren op ExxonMobil kunnen rekenen op INNOVATIEVE HIJSTOOL van 3D Cadworks. Innovatieve hijstool, ontwikkeld en geproduceerd door 3D Cadworks voor onze klant HCI, met als doel de (de)montage van dumpnozzle-caps van Gofiner reactoren. Deze speciale hijstool bestaat uit een dumpnozzle-cap grijper, die aangestuurd wordt via de VHT-tool (VorkHeftruck).
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