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REALISATIE // Vacuum Nozzle

Vacuum Nozzle


Engineering and Reverse engineering

Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE)

3D Scanning, 3D Measurements and Prototyping

For a customer that operates in the nuclear sector, we designed a vacuum nozzle for underwater use. The vacuum cleaner is used to absorb stainless steel chips, which are created during the processing under water. In this way the chips do not end up at the bottom of the water bath. 

We started off with developing a model. Then we performed several flow simulations on the design. To eventually finalize the design for prototyping by means of 3D printing.


When designing the vacuum nozzle, we tested different variations by means of flow simulation in order to obtain the optimal model that meets the requirements.

One of these design requirements is that the nozzle can vacuum both large and small chips with an average suction velocity of 25m³/h, taking into account a maximum drop velocity of 0.2m/s.

To perform the flow analysis we went through several options, each time with a different size of the nozzle opening. 

Flow Simulation

A flow simulation has therefore been carried out for the various options. The results were then compiled into a technical report.

In the end, we obtained a suitable model, which will absorb water around the machining process at a suction speed of approximately 4.5 m/s and a chip drop speed of 0.2 m/s.

3D Print

Then, due to the complexity of the piece, we made a prototype with our 3D printer, so that the whole structure could be tested. To do this, we adapted the model obtained from the flow simulation, externally in function of the print-ability of the piece. We also added external parts to mount the nozzle in the system.

Case studies


Wat als je containers geautomatiseerd wil laten vullen tot aan een bepaald gewicht? Voor een van onze klanten uit de petrochemie in de sector Antwerpen hebben we daarom de vulhopper installatie ontwikkeld. Deze toren dient als een trechter om containers (bins) te vullen met gebruikte, verontreinigde catallist uit een reactor.

Hijstool Gearbox

Developing a tool to place a gearbox of more than 400 kg on a milling machine and to turn it 90° with 1 finger? That was the challenging assignment that 3D Cadworks accepted with great enthusiasm for our customer in the agricultural sector.

Hoisting // Transport // Storage Tool Reactor Dumpnozzle-caps

Nieuwe reactoren op ExxonMobil kunnen rekenen op INNOVATIEVE HIJSTOOL van 3D Cadworks. Innovatieve hijstool, ontwikkeld en geproduceerd door 3D Cadworks voor onze klant HCI, met als doel de (de)montage van dumpnozzle-caps van Gofiner reactoren. Deze speciale hijstool bestaat uit een dumpnozzle-cap grijper, die aangestuurd wordt via de VHT-tool (VorkHeftruck).
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