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3D Measuring

Highly accurate results - up to one thousandth of a millimetre - are obtained by probing an object point by point with a probe or digital microscope. 3D Cadworks measures the products of various customers. We distinguish two types of orders:

The first type is to convert the measurement of an existing product into a CAD model. Once this has been done, the model can be used to request a quotation or to start production.

A second type of assignment involves measuring the tolerances of existing products. Different components of one system are also measured. This gives us a specific and optimal composition of the correct tolerances of different parts.

The parts are measured with a probe. This probe creates a cloud of points, which is used to create a CAD model.  Such a model ensures precise measurements. For measurements of larger areas or sites, we have other know-how in-house to deliver the same precision.