FEM/FEA | 3D Cadworks



FEM stands for Finite Element Method: a calculation method to check the strength and stability of a mechanical construction. For example, FEM verifies that it is not too heavily designed.

Thanks to our extensive experience with this software, we can perform all strength calculations quickly and efficiently. It is often a mechanical simulation that results in internal material stresses and external deformations. But we can also assess heat transport or air and fluid flow. A thorough report highlights the critical points. In advance, we set up a 3D calculation model that is necessary for these calculations. A major advantage is that expensive and time-consuming prototypes are kept to a minimum. Errors in a design become apparent at an early stage. This approach increases the quality of the product, reduces costs and improves performance. Everything is summarised in a clear calculation file. We supply FEM/FEA calculations and analyses on behalf of companies that do not have the necessary know-how or software. These analyses are carried out very early on in the development process.