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3D Cadworks provides your company the tool to automate your processes.

A product configurator avoids repetitive tasks and automates a large part of the production process, reducing costs, increasing profits and accelerating time-to-market

Through a product configurator you can produce a personalized product at the cost price of a series product. Moreover, this gives the engineering more time to innovate. 

Automation for a more efficient and more competitive production (CTO – CPQ)

A product configurator can be used in a wide range of industries, for all kinds of products. The starting point is always a basic product and thanks to a well thought-out online or internal form, the desired product variant is converted into an advanced 3D model in just a few minutes.

CTO (Configure To Order) means that the customer gets to see his personalized product with matching price in real time.

In this 3D model metadata such as product conditions, options and specifications are processed. A diverse output of production and customer files is generated automatically, such as 3D model, PDF, DXF, Step, quotation, bill of materials, drawings, etc.

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) refers here to quotations, which are automatically created and immediately available.

3D Cadworks helps you capture the knowledge of design, production and cost estimation. In this way, it can be reused to deliver customer-specific products faster and with greater accuracy, at the cost price of mass production.

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