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  • Spare part lists (components)

3D Cadworks draws up its spare part lists in such a way that every spare part of a machine can easily be found with number and order code and/or by means of a drawing.

  • Online catalogues

3D Cadworks assists companies in the development of their technical catalogues. Clear, well-organized, digital or printed, on tablet or PC, based on 3D models.

  • Exploded views

An exploded view is a detailed technical drawing of a product, that indicates the relationship or order of assembly of various parts. It shows the components of an object in a way that they are  slightly separated by an equal distance from their original locations.

  • Interactive 3D instructions

These are interactive illustrations where the user can click through to any desired detail.

  • Technical data sheets 

Explanation of your product or product range, summarised in technical sheets, custom-made, we take care of it, from A to Z. From the visual material, the tables, ... to the graphic part and printed matter.

The documentation of 3D Cadworks is often indispensable for a CE approval.

Each type of documentation is available in various styles (black and white line drawings, line drawings with colour and shadow).

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