Engineering | 3D Cadworks



Efficiency, innovation and performance are our driving forces. Together with our customers, we focus on safe and environmentally conscious development. Design and technological innovation are our guiding principles.

With the information of the client we make a preliminary study or a concept for a machine or machine part. We then work this out in detail. In addition to engineering, we also handle drawing work, machine safety and CE marking. We operate efficiently and quickly. We master every CAD feature to the very last detail. Our team of engineers is well experienced. The project is carried out in continuous consultation with the customer. In certain cases, we manufacture parts ourselves. Our engineering is knowledge-based. We incorporate the gained knowledge into your CAD program. Suppose a part cannot be thinner than 3 mm and you enter a value of 2.5 mm, your program will then automatically give you a warning. Different configurations and possibilities can be analyzed and programmed. Also for the sales team we can digitise your product line. Which can then be used for presentations on tablet or PC.