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Reverse engineering

We are also able to analyse and chart existing machines or individual parts. In order to achieve the desired and appropriate result, we combine our technical knowledge with our CAD experience. This process involves measuring or scanning the machine, for example. This can be done in a traditional way with a tape measure and notebook or with a modern 3D laser scanner. We relate these results (parts) to each other statically and dynamically. As a result, we get a composition (assembly). With the acquired information you can test parts on strength, material tension, deformation. Or you can use it to make production and assembly drawings. By digitally capturing all the details, we can produce new parts even faster, and exactly according to the specifications. In addition, the data can be used for instance to control 3D printers and CNC machine tools.  In the case of reverse engineering based on an existing machine, it is possible that this machine can be stored with us. We have more than 120 m² of space available for this purpose.