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Heavy lift and transport engineering

A much sought-after specialism of 3D Cadworks is the engineering of heavy lift and heavy transport: efficiently and safely moving heavy objects, such as silos, bridges or large support beams. This is an outsider in our service. It does not concern the engineering of machines, but the engineering of operations. The basic principles are the same: an  extensive expertise in 3D simulation and a considerable experience in this specific field.

Heavy lift & heavy transport engineering is not a standard product. Usually these are specific projects. The customer has a problem that is not covered by normal working procedures. We come up with the solution. Based on a study, we make a lifting plan in 3D, or more extensive, a lifting file. Our recommendation lists all the necessary materials - such as cranes and transport - and describes the operation step by step.

Hoisting and transport plans are applicable for the following industries:

  • Petrochemical industry - Chemical industry
  • Powerplant construction projects
  • Plant stops (Maintenance, Shutdown, Turn arounds…)
  • Civil/Construction/Demolition
  • Onshore wind energy
  • Offshore wind (load out in harbours and on module yards)
  • Heavy/Exceptional transport (by use of SPMTs) 
  • Mobile 30-1200 tons – Mobile tower 40-60 meters – Crawler cranes up to 1250 tons

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