Virtual Reality (VR) | 3D Cadworks


Virtual Reality (VR)

The way in which designers visualize the product has evolved greatly. From 2D drawings on paper to 3D CAD models on a screen. At 3D Cadworks we are ready for the next step, namely Mixed Reality (VR/AR). It's a simple way to accurately view a product before it reaches a prototype. Moreover, it is also a more natural form of interaction with a product, than with 2D or 3D experiences, because it gives a context to the product and to data. 

Whether it's used for service procedures, instructions for production work or a unique form of sales/marketing for (existing) products to promote, with VR it's easier than ever to bring products to life.

At 3D Cadworks you can implement Virtual Reality on the shop floor, so you can enjoy its simple deployment and countless benefits:

  • Improve your product during the design phase;
  • Innovative product promotion and a unique customer experience;
  • Reduce the number of prototypes and other costs;
  • Virtually train yourself in product assembly or maintenance.

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Keep pointing the lens at the QR code for a few seconds and find a VIRTUAL REALITY model!