Basic training SolidWorks 2022 | 3D Cadworks


Basic training SolidWorks 2022

No experience with SolidWorks yet? Then this basic training is definitely for you.

3D Cadworks teaches you all tips and tricks in 10 evenings or mornings.
After the training, the students know all the basic skills to work with SolidWorks.



CAD professionals with little or no 3D experience.
Drawers or designers who want to switch from 2D to 3D.
Innovative entrepreneurs who want to optimize the workflow and thus be able to outsource work.


The 10 lessons take place in Veilingstraat 7 in Hoogstraten with a maximum of 8 people. 
In this way a qualitative assistance is guaranteed.


Evening education SolidWorks (basic)         

START 19 September 2022 | spread over 10 weeks 18.15 - 21.15 p.m.
€1400,00 excl       (through SME wallet up to -30% subsidy)

3D Cadworks is a recognized organization

3D Cadworks is a recognized service provider for the SME wallet (KMO-Portefeuille). The Flemish government reimburses up to 30% (for small enterprises) or 20% (for medium-sized enterprises) of the costs of our training courses.

3D Cadworks is a recognized training provider for the VDAB (training cheques).

3D Cadworks is recognized for educational leave.


The course material will be available during the training.

Basic training program:

  • Interface SolidWorks
  • From 2D sketch to 3D model (part)
  • Basic skills of assemblies
  • Work house drawings
  • Setting up design tables
  • Functions: revolve, sweep, loft
  • Visualization
  • Creating patterns
  • Mates / Relations
  • Drafting drawings with saw-lists 

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