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Follow-up training SolidWorks 2021

Are you already a CAD professional with 3D experience, a draughtsman or a designer who is familiar with SolidWorks? Or have you already followed the basic training? Well, in this training you will learn the finer points of SolidWorks in practice and discover all the time-saving and quality-enhancing possibilities of the software. Up to the next level!

Experts become 'high end' experts. You get to know the subtleties of SolidWorks through practical experience. More than that, you will explore numerous possibilities that save time and improve quality. The course is practical. Among other things, you will independently create and change the settings in order to perfect the production drawings. 



CAD professionals with 3D experience
Drawers and designers who already know SolidWorks
An advanced course after the basic training
People from innovative companies who want to realize a "workflow" optimization


The 10 lessons take place in Veilingstraat 7 in Hoogstraten with a maximum of 6 people. 
In this way a qualitative assistance is guaranteed.


Evening education SolidWorks (follow-up)     

START 25 january 2022 | spread over 10 weeks 6.15 - 9.15 p.m.
for €1400,00 excl  (through SME wallet up to -30% subsidy)
Classical or Remote (with reservation)

Click here for customized training or ask for the possibilities.


The course material will be available during the training.

Follow-up training program:

  • Creating assemblies using design tables and configurations
  • Configuring library features
  • Document templates: drawing, part, assembly
  • Working with equations and smart mates
  • Optimizing 2D drawings
  • Importing 2D and 3D files
  • Performance settings
  • Automating commands through task scheduler 
  • Producing photorealistic images (renders) and animations 
  • Welding compositions and bending parts

3D Cadworks is a recognized organization

3D Cadworks is a recognized service provider for the SME wallet. The Flemish government reimburses up to 30% (for small enterprises) or 20% (for medium-sized enterprises) of the costs of our training courses.

3D Cadworks is a recognized training provider for the VDAB (training cheques).

3D Cadworks is recognized for educational leave.

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