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3D Cadworks offers innovation and quality for product development and engineering with a solid background in mechanical engineering.

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3D Cadworks carries out engineering and drawing work on behalf of the client. We also supervise existing CAD processes. Through training and consulting, we get the best out of your software, systems and staff. 3D Cadworks optimizes your company.

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3D scanning, 3D measurements and prototyping

A model in which all coordinates are accurately recorded is a solid basis for engineering, among other things. In order to obtain this data, 3D Cadworks applies two different techniques: 3D scanning and 3D measuring. Prototyping can be done by 3D printing, milling, laser cutting, ...

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Engineering and Reverse engineering

3D Cadworks designs machines and charts existing machines: engineering and reverse engineering. These are two of our services. We work with the most advanced CAD technology. Thanks to our extensive experience, we usually exceed the customer's expectations.

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Documentation, manuals & animation

Educated technicians and laity understand each other with 3D illustrations and animations. There's no need for technical knowledge. 3D Cadworks reuses existing CAD models for manuals and technical documentation. We also provide technical illustrations. It is a much sought-after discipline for spare part lists, online catalogues, exploded views, interactive 3D instructions, technical data sheets and well-developed CE files.

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Heavy lift and transport engineering

A much sought-after specialism of 3D Cadworks is the engineering of heavy lift and heavy transport: efficiently and safely moving heavy objects, such as silos, bridges or large support beams. This is an outsider in our service. It does not concern the engineering of machines, but the engineering of operations. The basic principles are the same: an  extensive expertise in 3D simulation and a considerable experience in this specific field.

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Computed Aided Engineering (CAE)

Computer Aided Engineering can be very diverse. 3D Cadworks has extensive expertise in 3 areas: flow simulation, industrial design automation and FEM/FEA strength calculations.

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cad education

SolidWorks is considered to be the world's leading 3D software. This enables you to get the most out of your software, your systems and your employees. Specifically for your company, we offer you the training. With more than 15 years of experience, we pass on our knowledge to product designers and engineers.

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