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About us

3D Cadworks

3D Cadworks has a long, solid tradition, rooted in the mechanical world. Our regular customers are a select group from various sectors.

Engineering and 3D design are our sphere. As a design agency, 3D Cadworks guides every step in your development process: from idea to production, from concept to certification.

The key to our success is continuous investment in training and new technologies. Knowledge and know-how that we pass on with passion in our 'SolidWorks' courses.

What can you expect from us?

  • High quality advice on all your questions.
  • Solutions that will save you money.
  • A private engineering department for your customized project.
  • All preparations for a carefree CE marking.
  • Respect for planning, budget and quality.
  • Immediately applicable education and training 'SolidWorks'.

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The team

Efficiency, innovation and performance... Each assignment meets these conditions. In consultation with our customers, we develop pioneering, reliable and environmentally conscious technologies.

Our skills

Would you like to get to know our passion? Please do not hesitate to contact us here.