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Why choose SolidWorks?

SolidWorks is a household name in the CAD world. It works faster and easier than other CAD software. That means: lower costs, shorter time-to-market and higher productivity. The cooperation runs smoothly thanks to a simple integration with other technologies, so that mistakes are avoided. The demand for SolidWorks skills is twice as high as with other design applications. More than two million engineers and product designers worldwide work with SolidWorks. A true CAD standard!

The following short practical training courses take place in our premises or on location. Our premises are in Hoogstraten, near the E19 motorway. Ample free parking. After our training you can get started right away!

"Drawing in 3D is a bit like a Lego kit, if you decide afterwards that the block in the middle should get away, sometimes you have to break everything down" Within 3D Cadworks you learn how things can be done differently and we put you on the right track!

No experience with SolidWorks yet? Then this basic training is definitely for you.

3D Cadworks teaches you all tips and tricks in 10 evenings or mornings.
After the training, the students know all the basic skills to work with SolidWorks.

Start: 19 September 2022

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Are you already a CAD professional with 3D experience, a draughtsman or a designer who is familiar with SolidWorks? Or have you already followed the basic training? Well, in this training you will learn the finer points of SolidWorks in practice and discover all the time-saving and quality-enhancing possibilities of the software. Up to the next level!

Experts become 'high end' experts. You get to know the subtleties of SolidWorks through practical experience. More than that, you will explore numerous possibilities that save time and improve quality. The course is practical. Among other things, you will independently create and change the settings in order to perfect the production drawings. 

Start: 20 September 2022

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Due to the increasing interest in training on specific applications of SolidWorks, we are launching our first Application Trainning SolidWorks this summer. This one will be about Sheet Metal

This will be followed by an Application Training Weldments in October.

Start: August 2022

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For our customized training and our 1-on-1 training, we are pleased to listen to your specific questions. All our training courses are practical. The new skills are immediately applicable in the work environment. 

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